Sunday, February 10, 2008

Blustery Day

I’m hating this weather. It doesn’t quite feel like winter but it doesn’t feel like Spring either, and it’s been windy as all get out for the last few days.

Yesterday was my friend Rebekahs bridal shower. I offered to help set up and serve at it, I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. It was a pretty large shower so there was a lot of work to do, but Rebekah seemed to really enjoy herself and she looked so cute. Her and Jeremy are officially one of my favorite couples.

I’ve been going through a creative funk for a while, mostly because I hate all of my supplies and can’t afford to get any more at the moment (payday is at the end of the month). When I do have some more money I definitely will be getting some of the KI Pop Culture line, some more Love Elsie (it’s so hard to find around here and is always sold out online) and some Sassafrass Lass. They have so many adorable papers. That said I did manage to make a few things, mostly with some KI stuff and I’m going to try and start scrapping some more of my SAS stuff tonight. I’m up to Egypt now. It’s taking me so long, part of me is wishing I had only done one page for each country, but I WILL finish it, hopefully before summer……

I also made this fun bag about a month ago. I just took an old canvas bag I got at the thrift store and made my little owl design out of felt. I was going to try to sell it, but then I started using it…. So now it is mine ☺

I just finished the book “The Red Tent” by Anita Diamant. Oh my gosh, it was SOOOOOO good. It ranks on my list of favorites. It follows the life of Dinah, Jacobs daughter in the Bible. There’s only one actual chapter about her in Genesis, and it’s fairly bloody, but she does and really great job of weaving this story out of that chapter and what little we know of the life of Jacob, I definitely recommend you check it out.

I’ve also gotten really back into ER lately, I’m working on going through the first 8 seasons again (the show started to go downhill after that). I started on season 4 and now I’m on season 2 so only one more season to go! I watch it mostly while I’m cleaning or srapping or doing other creative things, also while I’m getting ready in the morning, but I do a lot of pausing so it takes me a while.

I'm back chinook in the ILC again this week, and I should find out by Thursday if they want me to stay on as a long term sub. Hopefully :) Then I should be having an interview soon for something else that is very exciting, keeping my fingers crossed and praying :) Hope ya'll have a great week!

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