Saturday, February 9, 2008

The narrow door

I wrote this the other day (monday I think, or tuesday), now I finally have a chance to post it :)........

I’m not going to lie, my devotional life has definitely been slacking since leaving Liberty. Without that little extra push it was hard to find the motivation in my “busy” life to add it in. While I read a little here and there and worked on going through Matthew for my Bible study I just really hadn’t been feeling that fulfillment. That said this last weekend I was given the opportunity to go as a youth leader with the youth group to a CIY discipleship conference in Oregon. While since it was connected the CIY I knew it would be powerful the fact that it was a discipleship conference didn’t excite me to much, I think Liberty turned me off of lectures and speakers and classes in this subject because we had them so much and they were nearly always mundane, causing my mind to wander, lets just say I had a lot of good day dreams. However, with this conference I was surprised, I actually listened to everything and I learned a lot. The theme for this year was “The Narrow Door,” with it’s key verse coming from Luke 13:24 “Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many, I tell you, will try to enter it and will not be able to.” The Narrow Door is basically what we have to go through to fully be with Jesus and it takes leaving everything else behind to get through it and for most people (including myself) it’s incredibly hard to do and it takes everything inside us to get there. I’m not quite through yet hopefully soon ☺
Overall the weekend went well. We drove down on Friday night with 5 youth and 4 adults. I was happy we had a 15 passenger van otherwise the 5 ½ hour drive would have been unbearable. Yes that’s right the 3 hour drive turned into a 5 ½ hour drive because of the worst traffic ever that went on forever. Oh it was bad. The conference started at 7pm and we ended up pulling in around 8:30, missing the first session but I’m glad we got there for the second one . The sessions on Saturday started at 9, which is normally when I wake up on Saturdays, but I guess I can sacrifice on day, especially since it snowed and actually stuck and it looked so pretty. I Love snow. Kyle was happy that the slushiness that covered the roads had mostly turned to just wetness by the time we left to head home at 4 on Saturday. I drive that took us the normal 3 hours (with some extra time dropping kids off) even with bad weather.

Once again I am in the ILC room at Chinook, this time with the job for a whole week. I’m happy because I love all the kids and I have so much fun, but a new semester started on Monday and so it’s going to take some getting used to, especially since I’m going to both shop and art classes now and I have encountered some of the rudest kids ever, one kids actually had the gal to tell me he thought I was a sevie (middle school talk for 7th grader) today. And he was rude other than that. It can only go up from here though, right?

Be prepared, I'm hoping to have a new blog up tomorrow....

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