Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Nowhere Fast

God really is so good to me. 2008 has been an amazing year so far. I'm getting a lot done, I'm going to Thailand, and I just found out today that I got the job I've been subbing for at Chinook. So I will get to stay with "my kids" until I leave for Thailand and I'll also get a $5 an hour pay increase, which is truley a blessing because I need to save as much money as possible before I leave since I don't know how my financial situation will be when I reach Thailand.

This last weekend I had a lot of fun. I went out with some girls from my Bible study and we were supposed to go out on my Leader Jessicas cousins little eletrical boat (so cute it's like the boats in the jungle cruise at Disneyland, but nicer) but she was having iphone issues and didn't get our call so we ended up just sitting in the boat on the dock, which ended up being fine. We had fun eating pizza and cookies and plying games. Then afterwards, when her cousin did call she invited us down to her house which is in this really cool area called Salmon Beach. You have to walk down like 100 steps to get to the houses which are all on stilts over the water. It used to be a shanty town in the early 20th century and then hippies moved in later on and now it's becoming the cool place to live. I loved Kristis (Jessicas cousin) house. It was small, but there was so much character, and what a view! We ate more cookies and played dread pirate while listening to music from Pirates of the CAribbean. It was amazing and so much fun, but then we had to walk up the stairs.... :)

oh, also the boat was called the "nowhere fast", how cute is that?

Time seems to be flying by, I can't beleive it's almost Easter! Before I know it I'll be flying around the world. Ok now I'm a little stressed :)


Jennifer said...

Chinook? How funny is that? My friends and I just watched the new ABC show, Miss Guided about a teacher who works at the school she graduated from--just like you with Chinook. How is Ms. Nelthropp?
Thailand, that is freaking awesome! What group are you going with and what camera(s) are you bringing?
I finish my classes in May and just need to complete an internship and final test/paper about my grad. school/intern experience. So I am currently looking for jobs that could also count as an internship and give me real life experience before I start med. school in a year or two. I've applied to jobs in Cape Town, South Africa, Seattle, all over. So who knows where I will be?

Jennifer said...

I lost my first attempt at this comment-bummer.
I didn't think Miss Guided was that great. I just couldn't buy that the actress/character was a loser in high school.
I finish all my classes in May or late April and will be moving home for a month, minimum. I am applying for jobs currently and telling them that I'm not available until June 1st at the earliest. I need a break and I have only spent two weeks in WA in the past year plus. I am also trying to make sure these jobs can also double as the internship I need to complete for my Masters.
So when do you leave for Thailand?
I need to buy a digital camera before I leave New Orleans-there are too many great photo opportunities here.