Saturday, March 15, 2008


So I watched three movies last night/ this morning.
1. "August Rush," it was good but I get so frustrated when characters just act stupid, but the music in the movie was awesome. I've never seen someone play guitar like that....
2. "Across the Universe," which I'd been waiting since the day it came out to see but the red box never had it then finally I went last night and I almost jumped for joy when I saw that it was there. And I was great. I loved it and I was so amazed at how they incorporated the Beatles songs. If you havn't seen it you definitely should.
and 3. "The Darjeeling Limited." I wanted to see this movie because it was set in India, I like all the actors and everyone I know that's seen it liked it, and it was good, not one of my favorites though. I think it's because it didn't move fast enough for my taste, but I loved seeing all the flavors of Rajasthan in it. I really can't wait to go back to India.

Not much else is going on in life. I interviewed for the postion I've been subing in on Monday so I should find out sometime this week if I get it or not. Really if I wasn't leavinf for Thailand in 2 1/2 months then I would have it, but the fact that I wont be here much longer really hurts me for this postion. I guess we'll see.
I've been doing a lot of travel research lately about Thailand and the surrounding areas and I'm getting more and more excited everyday. Of course I can't wait to explore Thailand, and if I don't get to Angkor in Cambodia this time I'll never forgive myself, but today I was looking through the Lonely Planet Guide (my favorite travel guides ever, if you go on a trip use LP) for Laos and it looks so amazing and rustic, like Burma minus the Military Junta so I would definitely like to make it there as well.

I've been looking at airfares recently, I have to be in Thailand before teacher orientation starts on June 9, and I want some time to get used to it before that so I emailed acouple travel agents to get quotes for flights leaving between May 29 and June 3. I was really hopeing to leave on the 2nd so that I could go to Rebeccas Wedding on the 31st, but it looks like the cheapest flight is on the 29th and everything after that goes up a couple hundred dollars, and even that I have to figure out how I'm going to pay for, which is the issue right now (the school pays for the flight, but not until the end of the school year when we complete our contract). So if ya'll have any ideas let me know :)
Tomorrow I'm going out on a boat in Tacoma with a bunch of girls from my Bible study. I can't wait, it should be fun. I just hope the weather holds up. It was sunny mostly today, but it's been pouring the last few days. I guess we'll see :)

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