Thursday, April 10, 2008

Time flies by

I'm working on a new banner. The final one should be a variation of the one I have up now.....

I watched my SAS voyage DVD again yesterday. It's always so bittersweet watching it. It's like living it all over again, as we're leaving Mexico in the beggining there's such a heightened excitement for everything thats to come and then when it comes to the end and we're pulling into fort Lauderdale I start to cry because I know it's over and I can never do it again. At least not in the same way. Semester at Sea is truely the greatest event of my life so far.

I also watched a couple other movies yesterday (I'm on spring break, I'm allowed :) ) First was "Mr. Magoreums Wonder Emporium." It was so cute. A great kid movie and Dutin Hoffman was hilarious. I just might have to buy it. Then I also watched the "Kite Runner." It was really powerful, hard to watch at times. But watching movies like the kite runner really affirms to me that I'm not supposed to be in my comfortable US bubble right now where everything is nice and easy, where even the "lower class" citizens would be upper class in many other countries.

Other than watching movies I haven't done much this week and it's been wonderful. I've helped my mom with painting our living room, dining room, etc so we can put the house on the market soon. Then I went down to Target and Old NAvy and got some awesome warm weather wear and I'm so excited to fit into smaller clothes! I got my first new swim suit in 3 years and I can't wait to debut it on the beaches of Thailand. A lot of my time this week has also been devoted to working on my travel guide. I bought a Lonely Planet for Thailand, because lets face it Lonely Planets are the best travel guides out there and I'm going to be living in Thailand, it makes sense to have a travel guide for it, but for all the other countries around it that I will potentially travel to 1. I can't afford to spen $20-$30 on a travel guide for each of them, and 2. I wont have the luggage space for all those travel guides so I've put like 12 different Lonely Planets (and DK Eyewitness' because I like looking at pictures) on hold at the library and I bought a compostion book so for every country and actually reading through the travel guides and making notes in my composition book. I attatched a rubberband to hold it closed dand I made divider tabs for easy country reference. This might be a genious idea. We'll see once I actually put it to use though. Before I went on SAS I made copies out of Lonely Planets for every country and it wound up being not nearly enough, so like I've said we'll see.

Tomorrows the last day of spring break so I think I might go take in a movie, I'm thinking either "10,000 BC" or "Jumper." Both would be better to see in the theater, but maybe 10,000 more than Jumper???? Hmmmm.... I also fully intend to go to Target tommorow and invest in some CD's. First Leona Lewis who is the UK equivalent of American Idol and I just can't get her song "Bleeding Love" out of my head! And then Marie Digby, who I'd never hear of before but I saw that her CD was only $6 at Target so I looked her up on Amazon and Myspace and I love her CD, it's light and sweet. Reminds me a little of Colbie Calliat, who I also love.

Lastly here's a link to pictures from Vancouver 2 weekends ago. Me and Jen road triped up there and had great fun walking around town for a day.

Hope ya'll have a great weekend!

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