Thursday, April 17, 2008

The good and the Bad

I bought a new backpack yesterday for Thailand. I was so excited! I seriously searched online for a backpack for 4 months and I couldn't find the right one. I needed one that could hold enough stuff to travel for like a week, had a big enough waist strap, and (this was the biggy) fit carry on restrictions (45 inches total). Now the one I got is around 45 inches, give an inch or two but I'm hoping it close enough that they wont care. So finally I found one on (and proceeded to the store to buy it). It cost a little more than I had intended, but I love it and it's a great color :)

I also bought an amazing Journal at Barnes and Noble yesterday and finally my Lonely PLanet Thai phrasebook that I've been looking all over for, nobody ever had it in stock when I checked.

So on the bad side we're doing WASL this week and next at school. Now my class doesn't have to do the wasl because we already completed the Special Ed equivalent but it still messes up our schedule and makes me have to spend more time with Mrs Miller who drives me up the wall sometimes.
Also today I got a letter from the IRS saying I didn't state everything on my tax return and I now owe them $650, which is $650 more than I have. I only made $3500 last year but I had some money in a bond or something like that which my mom took out so I could put towards tuition, $6000 to be exact and now they say I owe tax on that. Come on people, I only made $3500! What are you thinking???? So I'm really hopeing I get this worked out. I was really looking forward to my tax return this year. I've taken out money before and didn't have to pay taxes on it, why do I have to now???? So thats my stressful moment of the day.

So last saturday was amazing (80 degrees!, and now they say it might snow here this weekend. What the heck????) but me, Emily and Elaina went down to the beach and I took a ton of pictures although neither Emily or Elaina ended up being the best subjects. Then on Sunday (when it was colder :( ) I did the MS walk with Jens westfield team. We walked from Husky Stadium to Gasworks park and back. It really wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. An I have pics of that but they're not on my comp yet.... Here are some pics of Em and Ellie though :)

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