Saturday, May 31, 2008

Can I be a witness???

I leave for Thailand tomorrow, TOMORROW!!! That means it's basically here! and I am no where close to ready. It looks like my room exploded and I still have to pack EVERYTHING. Oh procrastination, it never leaves.
Each day I go through my travel guide to learn a little more about Thailand. Having been to Myanmar I knew that Thailand would be incredibly Buddhist and that it would be completely present in everything, but now I'm realizing that where in Myanmar it phased me on a cultural level, this next year is going to be an intense spiritual battle actually living among it. And one of the greatest issues with Buddhism is that when Christianity is presented to a Buddhist it can seem almost complimentary so long as they pick and choose. My friend Jessica went to India over Christmas break on a mission trip and what they faced a lot were hindus who were taught about christianity and accepted but accepted it along with thier hinduism and they would have statues of shiva on thier alter along with a picture of Jesus. I have a feeling that this is the way it will be for me in most cases if not just total rejection.
I know God has a purpose in this and that Thailand is where I'm supposed to be right now. I am so excited for this coming year, the adventures we will have and the opportunities we will have, and for my class. It's no secret that I never planned on teaching but God has a funny way of getting you do do things you thought you'd never do, and here I am, in 24 hours I will be on my way to a country I've never been to, where they speak a language I don't know and I'm not scared at all (accept maybe about lost luggage :) ) isn't that cool???

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