Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Welcome to Bangkok

So I'm now in Thailand! It was so much anticipated for months and now I'm finally here! the traveling was long but not as bad as I thought it would be. I actually slept on the plane for 6 hours (have having a 2am dinner, weird) and that was even sitting in a middle seat next to a crying baby.
So it's very hot and humid here, no surprise. It's difficult now, but I know I'll get used to it. Driving on the left side of the road is something I'll have to get used too also. The weirdest part is taking free lefts instead of free rights. I always want to question the driver, what are you doing!?
The GES compound is pretty big, bigger than I thought, and pretty nice. They're doing a bunch of construction right now, so it's messy in spots but that will be done before we know it, and I hope sooner rather than later because the view outside of my window is a blue tarp with a little sliver of of visibility on one side which I think they only left open so that the aircon could get air.
So let me talk a little bit more about where I'm living. Before I came to GES I has seen some pictures of apartments where girls before had lived os I thought I would be living there. Well this year they have less girl teachers than before so they put the two girls that arrived before me in one of those apartments and the 4 of us left are in a townhouse at the back of the school compound. And you know, I might actually like the townhouse more, although I haven't been in the apartment yet, just seen pictures. I did make the mistake of choosing a room on the 3rd floor which means 4 flights of stairs. To my defense I had to make a decision before I saw the townhouse and had I known the stairs would be so perilous I probably would have chosen different, although my room has the best furniture, so I kinda lucked out on that. I'll put pictures on later after I hopefully get my wireless working. For now I'm in the teachers lounge on one of their computers.
Let me also tell you, if you ever come to Thailand, BIG C is amazing! It's the thai version of a walmart super center. So there's food clothes, and whatever else you need. I needed shampoo yesterday so I walked into that section, boy do the thai people like their Sunsilk. My issue was the labels were entirely in thai so I just had to guess which one to get, so I got the yellow one because that's the one I always buy at home.
I guess I'll have more to write later... my attention is waning now because thai adventures are calling :)

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