Thursday, June 5, 2008


Still no roommate for me in this HUGE townhouse, another girl comes in tomorrow that's supposed to move in with me and I am very excited. It's creepy being in here all alone.
I'm trying my darndest right now to learn so Thai. It's really difficult here to get by without knowing at least key phrases. I'm sure that in more touristy spots in Bangkok it's easier but out here in Nonthaburi we're the only english speaking white folk around. So I've got a few words but no where near enough. I was told that if you study before bed then again when you wake up it's easier to remember it.
Today turned into quite an adventure. It was a pretty slow morning but after lunch Anna, Sarah, Ben, Matt, Tyler and I all headed to the bank to exchange money (really Matt and Ben were just along for the ride). It took about an hour for all of us to get our stuff taken care of and then Matt and Tyler had to go back to school to see some classes so Sarah, Anna Ben and I kept walking down the street to the Nonthaburi Pier which is on the Chao Praya river which goes through downtown Bangkok. When we got to the pier we saw all the shuttle boats so we decided hey, why don't we go for a little boat ride. We had no destination in mind we just wanted an adventure. We ended up riding the shuttle several miles down the river into Bangkok. It was weird to see great heaps of plants flow by on the milky brown water. I have no idea what they were, some sort of bug water weed I assume, and I loved seeing all the houses on stilts over the water. They're so foreign to me and they kinda define southeast Asia in a way. Floating down the river we could also see tons of temples of every shape and size along the riverside.
We decided to get off at the Grand Palace, then we walked next to it for a bit and got back onto the ferry and rode it back up to Nonthaburi. I'm the only one of that group that hasn't been to Thailand before so everything was a little more exciting to me and it's kinda dissapointing when other people can't get excited about it with you. I hope that this new girl, Merideth, that comes tomorrow is in the same boat as me.
I'm hoping to do a nice room makeover soon. I was kind of waiting for my roommates to arrive before I did anything drastic. What hard for me is that it's such a big space and it feels so empty. Like I have tons of floor space and not a lot of furniture so I'm going to try to figure out how to remedy that. I also need to figure out what color to paint my walls. They're white right now and I hate it but my obstacle is that I have a bright green dresser thing, a white and orange bedspread, and yellow and brown curtains. So what color do I paint? Any ideas? I originally wanted to paint my walls yellow, but my curtains are yellow...
I'll put some pics on tomorrow, wireless makes it slow as usual :)

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