Tuesday, May 6, 2008

For every up there is a down, for every smile there is a frown

So the great thing about living so close to Amazon.com is that you can get the cheapest shipping and still get your order next day. I really love my new camera case and it's going to be great in Thailand. Even though I really wanted the crumplar 5 million dollar bag

I got this tamrac one instead, mostly because of price and it's still cute.

Now I'm just waiting on the two lenses I ordered, finally I'm getting a telephoto, and I also ordered a fisheye! I'm so excited! those came from third party dealers though.

Now sad news is everything going on in Burma. The death toll keeps going up and last I heard it was 22,000! That is a lot of people! Chances are very good that people I met while I was there are now dead. My heart breaks. It's such a beautiful, but oppressed country and to have this happen on top of it.... I'm still hoping to get back there while I'm in thailand, maybe now I'll be able to help out a little.

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