Sunday, May 25, 2008

It's raining sunshine

First of all let me say at this time next week I will be on my first of three flights on my way to Thailand!!! I can't believe it's almost here!
My family took a day trip up to Fort CAsey today. It was pretty cool to see all the bunkers again and I got lots of pics of elaina. I was slightly disappointed though that they had sealed off all of the entrances to inside. I really hope they didn't do that at Fort Worden too. Going inside was most of the fun! We were lucky the sun came out for us though so that made it a pretty good day. It had rained this morning so we weren't to hopeful, but by the time we reached Whidby Island it was out and shining.
Tomorrow we go over to my aunt's house for a bday BBQ to celebrate both of my grandparents birthdays. Hopefully the sun will shine upon us for one more day, then it's only three more days of work.
AHHHHH!!!!! I can't believe it! Where did time go???? Now I'm feeling sad and nostalgic, it's funny how emotions can change so quickly.
Ok, so there was supposed to be pictures... but there's upload issues so I'll try to do an update tomorrow. Sorry guys :)

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