Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's been almost two weeks already???

I hate cockroaches, hate them, hate them, hate them! But the only thing I hate here more than cockroaches are the spiders, they're as big as my hand! I kid you not! Yes they eat cockroaches, that's a plus but I still don't want want to come across my path. Yesterday we (meaning meridith and I) fund one of these monster spiders in our kitchen after much screaming and throwing of shoes by one of our fellow guy teachers another non-aracniphobic teacher came and killed it for us with his hand! I tell you me and Meri screamed so loud the construction workers that are working on the gym next door all came down to see what type of action was going on. I hate spiders....

Blogging here is so hard I find when it comes down to it. There is just so much that goes on in my life here, and I want to write about it all but that would honestly take forever. Long story short this last week was spent teacher training. From basically 7:30-3:00 everyday we were in meetings with a little time towards the end of the week to plan and set up our rooms and I feel I am nowhere near ready. I think the most stressful thing is knowing that I'm the only grade two teacher for now so I have many extra responsibilities until they find a new teacher. I'm really thankful that Ms. Lorina, a Filipino teacher here is going to help me out with math so I don't have to do everything. When the other teacher (2B) comes she (or he) will be doing english for their section and math for both and I'll be doing english for my section and science and art for both, but for now it's all together.
I decided I was going to do the Jungle Book as the theme for my room (not the actual book, but a jungle theme), and I know what you're thinking, so original for Thailand but I thought it would be fun and something the kids could relate to. At one point I thought of doing like a winter wonderland thing but I just didn't think that would have been as much fun. Now I'm stuck making reward charts, rules, chore charts and decorations for my room and I'm nowhere near done. I bought a few hanging plants today that look kind of jungely and I'm hanging them from my classroom windows. I bought an orchid growing out of a HUGE snail shell, that ones probably my favorite.
Other things we did this week.... went on a scavenger hunt through Bangkok ending at a restaurant called MK trendis where you order a bunch of food like meat and veggies and cook them all in big boiling pot in the middle of the table. It was interesting. Last night we went bowling at "the Mall", it was fun, I pictured something a little cooler though, I guess we just weren't there at the right time. I also bowled the worst score out of everyone, it was like a 65, I couldn't believe how bad I was doing!
Today I went to the orphanage again with a few of my fellow teachers and this time we were able to hold the babies! I was so excited since last time we went they told us we couldn't. I had the cutest little boy who was probably about 7 months. He fell asleep on me for awhile and then they brought me food to give him and he kept taking a bite then crying because he didn't want it then he'd cry when I'd take it away. I figured out he just wanted to play with the food, bad idea :)
Then tonight (I told you my time was busy) a bunch of us went downtown to a church called NEWSONG. It was made up of mostly 20 somethings and a few highschoolers and about half thai and half farang (foreigners) and we were all in a very small room. It was a god experience but not what I expected. I loved the worship but I found the preaching hard to listen to because he would say a phrase in English then it would be translated into Thai and it was very distracting. I might go again sometime, I don't know. Then afterwards we went to Siam PAragon and got dinner. I tried my first McDonald's here where I got a Samurai Pork Burger, which wasn't bad and I got my raspberry M&M Blizzard for Dairy Queen, my favorite, so good!
Tomorrow a group of us are singing a song at the Thai church on campus then it's lesson planning time. Yippee, can't wait (notice the sarcasm) Hope ya'll are having a good weekend and...


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dave said...

Wow what cool experiances you are having.I tried sending a comment but didnt have an account so it was lost. The baby boy you were holding sure was cute! Thanks for the awsome chocolate cake it will last me 2 more nights.take care ,love Dad