Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some old news but it's good news

So something really exciting happened to me the day I left for Thailand and with all the exciting stuff going on since I got here I forgot to ever mention it. About a month ago I submitted a picture to the Seattle Times to be considered for thier Reader Postcard Picture in the Travel Section of the Sunday times. Well I never heard anything back so I just assumed I hadn't been chosen. Then on June first, the day I left I opened up the Sunday Seattle Times travel section to see my picture! I was so excited I screamed, my dad thought I was being attacked by some random bug, but no. Oh it was such a good feeling to be recognized!
Here's a link to my picture on the Seattle Times Website

but it's also on the travel page on as a little thumbnail towards the bottom. You should check it out :) And here's the actual picture...

Other than that 3 days of school are over thank goodness! Bigger update later. Oh and my AC got fixed! Celebrate!

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jaredstorer said...

I think your link got cut off on your blog post, but I found it anyway! Nice job, Amanda!