Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Just sit down!!!!

I'm in class right now, that's where my title comes from, but luckily Mrs. Lornia is teaching Math so I get a little break :)

Sometimes I wish that I could just run to walmart and Joannes real quick to get everything I need. While the Market shopping here is AMAZING and the malls and Big are decent, it's definitely not the same as at home and doesn't feel nearly as accessible. Like say I want to do a volcano experiment in my science class, so I need Baking Soda, easy right??? Do they even have Baking soda in Thailand???? I don't know, I'm sure they do but i will take some searching to find. Oh and how I miss being able to find shoes that fit me! No Thai women wear shoes bigger than size 8, so although there is an excess of cute shoes here I can't buy them, although I did get a pair of handmade sandals from the market which were marked as size 11, SIZE 11???????? I don't wear size 11! But they fit and that's what matters.
I can tell the monsoons are about to start. Right now it rains every night, and it's started to rain a little bit in the day too. We're going to have a serious flooding issue here at GES, mainly in our apartment kitchen I'm sure. On Saturday morning we woke up to a very wet kitchen floor and that was after only a little bit of rain. I hate to see what happens with a lot of rain.
My last few days have been busy planning a trip for October break, it all seems more stressful than it should and mostly stressful because of our limited funds. I think we've found one option, but if anyone knows how to get from Bangkok to Kathmandu cheaply, let me know.
I've got to go write the homework on the board then in 10 minutes schools out and it's time to tutor.
I'm tired.

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jaredstorer said...

Carmen & I are probably coming to Thailand the second week of September. Do you think we'll be hit with some monsoons then?