Sunday, August 10, 2008

When the magic happens

So, I've noticed most of my posts come after weekends and talk about weekends. I've thought about this. I guess I just enjoy my weekends the most. I don't want to bore anyone with what I write and many times class just isn't that exciting, or at least not always exciting. But that's not saying blog worthy stuff doesn't happen during my week and I will be sure to blog about it when it does.
That said, this weekend I was officially inaugurated into the Thailand tourist club. On saturday me and Bridget went to Chatuchak (the weekend market) and got some great finds, I pretty much loved everything I got and got everything for great prices as well. Well this morning after church I went to pick up my bag ( I had my big bag since we were going swimming and I had taken the bag with me to Chatuchaks yesterday so I could put my stuff in it when I bought it) and there was a HUGE slash in one side. That's right, someone slashed my bag! In a failed attempt to get to my stuff. See they probably didn't anticipate that I had a real lesportsac bag unlike all the fakes sold in the market so there was a few layers they would have had to get through and they didn't quite make it. Needless to say, God was really watching out for me, although I had had enough insight to leave all my cards back in my room at school and I only brought cash with me, so they wouldn't have gotten much had they gotten my wallet. The only really sad thing is my favorite bag now has a big slash in it. I'm going to attempt to sew it, but it will never be the same.

Last night, a few of us went to the mall to see the movie Neung Jai Diew Gan , a Thai Movie that has been advertised so much we felt like we had to see it. It was good it would have only made it in the US as an Indy movie though. It was about a woman who goes to work with kids at a school in rural northern Thailand after her daughter dies. It was based on a book by Princess Ubolratana and it also starred her. Now, I thought they just called her the Princess because she is Thailand darling movie star, no, she really is the Kings daughter! You learn something new everyday. And here's a little side note about the Princess that I just learned, she last part of her royal title when she married an American citizen in the 1980's and she and her 3 kids lived in Sand Diego until 2001 when they moved back to Thailand (she got a divorce in 1999). Then her son was killed in the Tsunami in 2004. So sad, I think he was 21...

The weekends go by far to fast here. I hate this feeling sunday night when I know monday is coming all to soon. Tuesday is Mothers Day here in Thailand (and the Queens birthday) so we get the day off, but tomorrow we have crazy mothers days ceremonies here at school, so it's going to be an interesting day.

Oh and my parents bought a new house! Finally! I mean actually they found it really quickly. It seems like it will be nice. Much bigger than the one I grew up in and by Lake Tapps which will be good for swimming :) Now I just hope our old house sells quickly. It's going to be weird going back next spring because I won't really have a home anymore in a sense. I will miss the house in Des Moines, just for the memories.... ah the memories :)


jaredstorer said...

Lake Tapps? That's kinda far from Normandy Christian Church. :(

Melissa said...

Hi! I'm pretty sure we've never met each other, but I'm a member of Resurrection Lutheran Church. A couple Sundays ago, you and your blog were listed in the prayer bulletin! I just wanted to say hi and say that it's so cool that you're in Thailand! I was in Thailand for two months last Spring. I'm actually in Norway now.

So you're teaching English in Thailand, is that right?