Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Happy Mothers Day!

I know what you're thinking.... WHAT??????? No I am not crazy, it IS Mothers Day here in Thailand and it also happens to be the Queens Birthday and because of that we got a blessed day off of classes. Amazing, though a little confusing, we kept feeling like it was saturday (meaning we'd get another day of relaxation) and then we would remember we have class tomorrow. Sigh.

It was a wonderful relaxing day. A group of us made breakfast and then some of us went shopping downtown at MBK (a crazy mall unlike any mall I've ever been to. It was like an outdoor market in a mall) and then to an AMAZING french restaurant for dinner. It was called Le Cafe Siam and it was in an old Colonial style house with amazing gardens around it. We all ate dinner on the bottom floor and then we went upstairs for desert. Now let me just say I got a dinner at this restaurant (Chicken Fricassee and Potato Croquettes with a side of mashed potatoes) for $12. I guarantee the same thing at a restaurant of this caliber at home would have been at least $40. An it tasted AMAZING. I ate everything. Then like I said for desert we went upstairs. Now the upstairs was set up with a dozen couches and coffee tables in different rooms and there was antique furniture and old pictures and magazines about Thailand. It was gorgeous. I just might have to go back again someday :)

Now I must quit dragging my feet and start planning for classes. At least I'll have Shirley Temple to watch while I do it :) Happy (Thai) Mothers Day to all you mothers out there!

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