Sunday, August 17, 2008

I have a ticket, I have a ticket, I have a ticket hey hey hey hey

That's right boys and girls I do have a ticket, a plane ticket to be exact and come October break I'll be flying off with a few good friends to Nepal! With a little side adventure to Bangladesh thrown in. It promises to be 2 exciting weeks of blisters from hiking in the Himalayas, great shopping in Katmandu and some mighty long layovers in Dhaka (hence why we're going to Bangladesh, if you're going to be there for 14 hours, twice, you might as well get out and explore a little :) ). I can't wait! It's going to be so much fun! Now if only Thailand sold (cheap) hiking stuff. I can't let myself spring for the 5,000 Baht North Face hiking boots (that's about $160), if only we had a Cabelas, or a Sports Authority........

In other news, well nothing really. It was an exciting weekend of quick and heavy rain showers, great food and Olympics watching at an English Pub called The Pickled Liver (hmm......), guitar buying (yup I bought a guitar, now I just need to learn how to play it. Thankfully I have a multitude of potential teachers here at GES), dance parties, worship leading, Mexican food, $4 pedicures (AMAZING!), a baby shower, swimming (and getting burned), and now lesson planning and laundry. So just a typical weekend here :)

Oh and I almost forgot! My parents just put their house on the market so please pray that it sells quickly, they need it to :) Hope everyone has a great week!

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