Friday, August 22, 2008

"Mr. DJ, you suck!"

I love the feeling saturday mornings bring. There's still so much more wonderful weekend and time off of work to come. It's wonderful :) Right now I'm sitting on my bed which I have barely gotten out of since I wok up and hour and a half ago. It's just so wonderful on saturday mornings :)
This last week I had parent teacher conferences which I am so thankful is over. It's stressful to have to meet with parents and talk to them about their kids. And of course it's the ones you really need to talk to that don't come. Since I am the only grade 2 teacher right now (soon to change hallelujah) with 23 kids and super involved parents I had 16 parent conferences. It went on FOREVER. Parents here do know how to do it right though, most of them gave me some sort of gift of food because they knew how long I would be there. So nice of them.
My friend Vee is leaving tonight to move to the US to become a nanny for a family outside of Washington D.C. so last night a group of went downtown to give her a going away party. WE went to a restaurant called GAZEBO, which is possibly my new favorite spot in Bangkok, (I seem to say that a lot lately). It's on the rood of a building so it's open air but it still has a roof that was built on top of it, and it's Moroccan themed so there were brass lanterns and swaths of fabric everywhere, I loved it. And they even had live music. When we first go there there was a guy and a girl playing guitars and it was really chill and I liked it. Then a DJ with a guitarist and drummer got on stage and livened it up a bit. One of the biggest reasons we had chosen to go there is because they had a dance room, which is really hard to find here, Thai people don't dance. So we were really excited and became so disappointed. We came on Hip Hop night, but it wasn't even good hip hop. For the most part it was songs we had never even heard and so hard to dance to. Tiffany looked so devastated. There was an area behind the DJ that was a little quieter that had big mattress areas and huge pillows so we spent a lot of time up there (after all we had paid 250 baht to get in), and honestly that was my favorite spot, it was so relaxing, but it was just so unfortunate that the music sucked. We all agreed that we would go back again on a different night. Try it one more time to try and get better music, and we would all definitely go back to the Restaurant.

Now today what to do, what to do????? Maybe I'll go try out the amazing fitness first with some of the others. I just might have to join it, even if it is expensive. And then maybe go downtown to Newsong church tonight????? I love it here because there are always so many options to do.
I think I may try to write another post later with the long promised pictures of my house and the school. But that means I have to clean my room........

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