Monday, August 25, 2008

I joined the gym

After nearly three months and much hesitation I finally broke down and joined Fitness First tonight. Why did it take me so long to join??? One word, Money. I'm in Thailand so I'm used to everything being MUCH cheaper than the US (with the exception of Starbucks, which if you ever felt like sending me a gift card to I couldn't decline, they have some great drinks here they don't have in the US) but Fitness first is still about $60 a month, which is twice as much as I paid at Normandy Park Athletic Club back home. You know what finally got me??? The pure awesomeness of this Gym. I mean, it's twice as expensive as NPAC but 6 times more amazing. Like the banks of TV's actually tuned to things you want to watch. I watched mens Olympics Diving on Saturday and then I watched a movie on HBO (in english) tonight as I walked on the treadmill. Then there are also twice as many machines, some machines I've never seen before, and amazing classes that I can't wait to try. And beyond that there is a steam room that is pure heaven after a workout. There are so many more extras too. It's just amazing. I'm looking forward to working out there, and if I can loose close to 15lbs without working out, I'm interested to see what can happen now.

Also my parents have had an offer on their house, in less than a week! Pray that it comes through :)

I leave you with some visual DNA i came up with tonight. It was actually quite fun to find this stuff out. You should try it.
Youniverse Mind TestYouniverse Mind Test

Youniverse Travel TestYouniverse Travel Test

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BRamburn said...


I too joined the gym this year.
The thing I noticed while going to the gym is that you have to keep changing your routine every 3-4 weeks or you will hit a plateau.

I joined in January and paused in June and July because of exams which I put all my weight that I lost.

But now I am back on track and I know how to deal with it.

Well anyway keep up with it.