Friday, August 29, 2008

Oh buddy

I am so glad this week is over. Even though we had parent teacher conferences last week we still had to send out monthly evluations today with a September newsletter. Which meant a lot of work for me. But now I am done, the manilla envelopes have been sent home, and I will never have to do 23 student evaluations again, well at least this year. My grade 2 teaching partner finally comes this week. I'm am so excited for what I can do when the classes split!
Now I've gotta get packing. The adult english class at the Thai church on campus is having a retreat this weekend in Pattaya and I decided to tag along and maybe teach a little english. Hey it's the beach and I'm up for any reason to get away from campus. It's only an overnighter though...
Hope everyone has a great weekend! Maybe I'll have a few pictures when I return.

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