Sunday, August 31, 2008

My love

Standing on the beach at Pattaya yesterday, with the warm clear water swirling around my ankles I couldn't help but think, I love Thailand. I really do. I am so happy here, and while I don't see myself here forever, I really enjoy the life I'm having now. God is so good!

So like I mentioned I went with several other GES teachers and a bunch of Thais from the English class at the Thai church to an overnight English Camp at Pattaya on FRiday night. Because of the way Thai time works we actually ended up leaving close to an hour after we were supposed to and then made several pit stops along the way so we didn't end up arriving at the compound until 11 pm and we were so exhausted. I kinda wanted to go to the beach right then but then exhaustion took over and I decided to go to sleep instead. In the morning we led some English songs and games and then Ajan Sahat preached for 2 hours (most of the Thais that came weren't Christian). After that we had free time until we left so of course we headed to the beach and thankfully it was just across the street. The beach that we were at was SOOOOOOO much nicer than the beach at Hua Hin, and I had expected much worse from everything I head heard from others. The water was clear and green and unknown sea creatures didn't litter the sandy floor. The water felt so nice too, warm with cool spots every now and again that were so refreshing. i got to try a Banana boat for the first time too (Long inflatable tube thing they pull behind jet boats). It was so much fun. The driver had a good time trying to knock us off and he was pretty successful. A group of us are already planning to go back to Pattaya in a couple weeks. Since it's only a couple hours from Bangkok it's a nice quick escape.
Today I woke up so sore, I think from the chicken fights we had yesterday and I definitely didn't want to get up early but I had to help lead worship at church today, and after while I wasn't so tired. Today was an awesome church day too because they had a welcome back pool party afterwards so we didn't have to pay for the pool and we got awesome food. After that some of us went to JJ's market and I had a pretty good shopping day too. I got some awesome bowls that I can't wait to use and a super cute camera case (point and shoot), now I am thoroughly contemplating getting a waterproof camera, I think it would be so useful here because we are in the water so much. And thy arn't to expensive, only about $200 which is much cheaper than I paid for both my other cameras. We'll see....
Now I wonder how quickly this week will go by. My partner teacher arrives on monday so I'll finally be splitting my class. Part of me is excited and part of me is sad to see some of my kids which I've grown to love go. Although I will still have them for science and computers.
I hope everyones having a good Labor Day weekend!

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