Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We might just have to build an ark

The hot topic around GES lately has been "the flood." Now this is not a flood that is happening or a flood that they know is coming, this is a flood that they think might come. Now should we take the warnings seriously or not??? As we head into the rainiest month in Thailand it makes me wonder, could we? The GES teachers that have been here for a while have said there's been a little flooding in the past but no huge flood. But then there was a man at our night church last week that said it has flooded 3 times in his 16 years and he thinks it could happen this year, and from what I've heard it has been flooding up north. That water from up north will head downriver to the lower elevations aka Bangkok. Walking across our klong (canal) everyday I look at the water level and I somehow convince myself that it IS getting higher and the flood IS coming. Many teachers have started buying food and water just in case, and we actually saw a worker carrying a boat down from our school building on monday. Whether that was for a flood or not it was quite a sight. I think the thing I look least forward to with a flood would be walking through the nasty klong water. I'm honestly pretty happy with it sitting 4 feet below me, it looks awfully nasty.
Whether this flood comes or not only time will tell. It will be interesting to see though...

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jaredstorer said...

We were thinking about heading to Thailand next week, but with the monsoon season approaching and a possible flood coming, we may use our flight benefits to go to another country instead. What do you think?