Monday, November 10, 2008

It's a miracle I tell you, a miracle!

So life has been a little crazy around here, like always but I can't seem to find the focus or time that I need. There are to many things to do. Things I need to do, things I want to do, and things I should have done a long time ago. The motivation just isn't there though right now. I just want to veg. I need some pep in my step, some get up and go....
So anyway, now on to the miracle part. One friday my MACbook Pro quit charging the battery. Now the battery has been junk for awhile, all courtesy of Thailand and it's exceptionally powerful voltage, but all of a sudden it quit charging completely (it literally said not charging). Well conveniently my friend Tiffany developed the same problem with her Macbook at the same time so Sunday we decided to go downtown to the istudio store (they don't have actual "apple" stores here) to see if we could get new batteries. Well they take them to look at, give us every update under the sun and put other batteries in to see if it was really the battery that was the problem. They proclaimed to Tiffany that yes, it was her battery that had conked out and suggested that since she's going to Singapore next weekend, to just get it from the Apple store in Singapore since they have to order all their parts from there. Then to me they say it's not the battery that's the problem because it wasn't even charging their other battery, they thought it could be the motherboard but they would have to take it in to look at it. This is when I started to have an internal panic attack and I lost my appetite completely (I had been starving before). A new motherboard for a MAcbook Pro in the states costs between $1200 and $1600, just for the part and stupid me said "No" a month ago when I was sent an email saying "last chance to buy the apple care protection plan," because it was $350. I should add in that my warranty expired 6 days ago. Lucky me. Well anyway,onto the miracle part. That night as soon as I got back to school I called Apple fully ready to beg them to let me buy the apple care protection plan even though I was a couple days to late but they told me I would have to talk to some department which is only open monday-friday. So I was stressing out waiting to see what would happen. Then yesterday I took my computer into the staff room (the only place with wireless that works right now), plugged it in, and the red light came on.....???????? CHARGING????? And I looked up at my computer screen and saw a little lightening bolt over my battery. It was charging! Holy Moly! I've been in disbelief since then. I keep unplugging it, letting the battery drain a little, then plugging it in again to see if it will charge. So far so good. I'm just so nervous that something could still happen. $1600 is ALMOST the price of a new computer (since Macs are ridiculously expensive in the first place).
So that's my miracle. It's nothing compared to so many, but it destressed my life a great deal.
I'll have some pics to post later of overnight camp from last weekend and some improvising we do here. I'm in computer class now and have my kids playing on which really is a great site if you have kids.
Hope all is well :)

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