Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Loi Krathong and all manners of fun things

Life in Thailand never ceases to be interesting to say the least.

Our dryer broke sometime over October break so this is how I've been drying my clothes

Yesterday was Loi Krathong, a huge festival here in Thailand where people make little boats out of banana leaves and flowers and put candles on top then float them in the river to ask it for forgiveness in polluting it (though this only pollutes it further so I don't quite understand). Anyway it was a lot of fun. First during the day my kids all dressed up in Thai outfits, they were adorable

Then last night we went to Fuji restaurant for Annas birthday and I got awesome Japanese food

After dinner we went to a park down the road where we hung out for awhile, watched fireworks (it was seriously like the Thai version of the 4th of july) and watched people light up their boats and float them out into the lake. Then we got to make our own boat. It looked super ghetto in comparison to everyone else's, but it was still fun.

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