Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Around the world in 80 seconds

I was going through some old blogs and about 2 years ago I made one of these maps. I thought I would make a new, updated version :)

It's strange. I feel like and know that I've been so many places but I still just see so many spots of white on the map. I must take care of that. Although I must say, Asias looking pretty good. Only a few more countries to go :)

Now I must post some pictures from all different places I've been because well, I enjoy looking at other peoples pictures so I'll post my own for others to look at.

First up, Japan

Then China

and Vietnam

Burma and India

Bangladesh and Nepal


and last but not least
Turkey and Croatia

Now you might be say to yourself "hey, that's it, where are all the other places?" Well sorry that's it for today folks. Oh and I ommitted any pictures of Thailand because I put those up quite frequently.

Travel lovers of the world unite!

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Matt and Tricia said...

Amanda! That is so cool! I think I am going to copy this post and do my own version... sometime. :)