Monday, January 26, 2009

Midnight Sun

I watched a partial solar eclipse here yesterday. I'm still waiting for my superpowers to manifest or maybe the superpowers I never knew I had got taken away? Lol, Ok maybe I watch Hero's to much and for all those I know who said they didn't like the 3rd season I don't know what you're thinking beacuse it's been great. So many stupid things from the second season have been fixed. Me and Heidi finished watching the first part of the season over the weekend and now I can't wait for the new set to come out. It's hard to wait. At least now we have LOST to look forward to every week as well.

Now what I really feel like blogging about today is Twilight. No not the movie and not the actual book, but the series in General because I just found out something slightly sad and slightly fantastic about it. First of, I'll say I bought the the first Twilight book to read only because I had heard so much about it. I took it with me on my Mt. Everest trek in Nepal back in October and I couldn't put it down. During our long daily hikes I found myself thinking about it all the time. Then when I finished it 4 days into our 9 day trek and with no other books with me on the trail what could I do but read it again? And I loved every second of it. When I arrived back in Thailand I promptly bought the other 3 books and read them all very quickly. During this time I also accomplished getting several of the other teachers hooked. Lucky them that they didn't actually have to buy the books. So I finished reading the 4th book, Breaking Dawn, I was sad that is was over but I see the Twilight Saga as something I could read over and over again, especially the first book. I saw the movie in the theater twice and plan on buying it as soon as I get back to America (it gets released March 21!). This all happened between october and early November and I must admit since then I've thought about it but it hasn't really consumed me like it once had. Then I find out something amazing (and a little sad like I mentioned early). Originally Stephanie Meyer was writing a 5th book which told the story from Edwards prospective. Unfortunatly, sometime over last summer the manuscript was leaked on the internet. Feeling that her rights had been violated and just overall saddened she decided to cease work indefinitely on the book, however she did do something really great for the fans of the series. She posted what she had written so far as a document on her website. I'm sad that I wont be able to read a final polished version of "Midnight Sun" and I feel very badly for Stephanie Meyer, but at least her hard work is still getting out there and if you're a fan of the series you should give this a read. It's been so great and insightful so far and I'm only on page 58 :)

The weeks here are going by so quickly I find it very hard to beleive. I confirmed my return flight today and now I will for sure be coming back to the states on April 8. I'm really excited for the week before I come home too because I'm going to be spending it in Luang Prabang, LAo. A Unesco World Heritage City, it's supossed to be so beautiful. It will be great to take this one big last trip this year.

And speaking of big trips, I was linked to this website yesterday from a friends blog and it has totally inspired me to do a North American road trip. I already had wanted to but it's really inspired me. This link will take you to the newest of blogs which I think will be nessesary to read first (you'll see why) and then I suggest you go back to when it starts in June 2006.


Hope everyones having a great week. It's starting to get hot again here in BKK and the mosquitos are going crazy. I may just have to invest in a mosquito net :)

P.S. Happy Chinese New Year!

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