Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Parent Teacher conferences: check

WE had a blast at Koh Samet last weekend. I took a grand total of 15 pictures, so I only really have 1 pic to share because I still must aquire the photos from all my buddies. But this round at Koh Samet was a little different than last time. It was good. WE played a lot of frisbee on the beach and ate some good food upon the sand. We walked to the other side of the Island to see the sunset and then we ate dinner at the place that was on pilons out in the water and you had to take a boat on a rope out to get to it. Then at the resturant the tables were low and you sat on mats. Underneath the table the floor was cut out and the top of the table was glass so you could let you feet dangle and watch the fish below. It was super cool, the food stunk, but the place was cool :)

This is a statue on the main beach at Koh Samet. It's a little X rated but I'm told it portrays a Thai fairy tale. I think it looks kind of cool :)

I just got done with parent teacher conferences. No more this year! It's always so stressfull but at least this time I had Matt to share the pain with me.

Nothin really new on this side of the world. Again I'm drooling over some of the new scrapping things coming out from Sassafralass and Pink Paislee and can't wait to go home and buy them!
Speaking of home April 8 id the tentative date of my return to the good 'ole USA. If my travel agent doesn't change it soon I'll be flying out in a week and a half and that just can't happen :)

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