Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A little vintage

After a good workout tonight at Fitness First I came home to do what else other than sit and rot on my computer while I eat chocolate. Good thing I worked our right :) Anyway my many clicks brought me to the awesome photo website flickr . After looking at some pictures of Bali (I can't wait for my trip!) I decided to search Seattle to see what would come up. Well in my search Luna Park popped into my head so I decided to abandon flickr and went to google. I'd always heard about Luna Park. How it was the "Coney Island" of the west in the early 20th century. An amusement park built on a pier in west Seattle out into Elliot Bay that burned down only 7 years after it was buit, and how now if there are extreme low tides in Seattle you can walk out and see the old pilings. Well there's something magical about old Amusement Parks to me. I loved the Santa Cruz boardwalk when I was a kid and the old Atlantic City boardwalk has always held some charm to me and I would love to visit it, that is only if it's like the boardwalk in "Beaches" or "Wild Hearts Can't be Broken," because if it's not then I must reevaluate my plans. Anyway, I had never actually seen a picture of what Luna Park looked like so I decided to google it and this is what I found.

It was pretty cool to actually see the pictures. I wish I wish I wish it we're still around. Here's to wishing.

Also in the process I found this awesome blogsite calledVintage Seattle If you live in Seattle, or just like old stuff you should check it out :)

Alas it approaches monday and the week is already halfway over hooray! Oh and I have a funny kid story I can share. In my classroom I have a little stuffed monkey named Henry. Now every friday I choose one of my students to take Henry home with them for the weekend and they have to write a journal entry about everything Henry did. Well, last friday I gave Henry to one of my girls Gigi. As she walked out of the room I said "I hope you and Henry have fun," to which she replied " he's not Henry, he's Spongebob." What??!? lol, I couldn't help but laugh. The little monkey bears absolutely no resemblance to the yellow sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. So I said "Gigi, he's Henry!" and again she said "Spongebob!" Oh well no use arguing with a 7 year old. So on monday she brings Henry back and he's a little flat and lumpy inside, ok no, a lot flat and lumpy (Henry was a square shaped monkey, don't ask, I bought it here in Thailand). I just assumed she had played with Henry a lot. So then I sat down to read her story to the class and the first sentence after the traditional "On friday Miss Amanda gave me Henry" was "Me and Henry took a Bath." So I said " Gigi, did you take Henry in the bathtub?" and she got this huge grin on her face. So that's what happened. She took a bath with him :) Oh these kids make me happy :)

I just got some crummy news about when I have to come back in June and I must say I will probably hold a deep seated grudge against the owners all next year for doing this to me. More on that later I guess.....

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