Monday, March 9, 2009

And the world spins madly 'round

It's less than a month now until I return to AMERICA! I just thought I'd throw that out there. The thing of the day I'm excited for???? Chalupa supreme no tomatoes from Taco Bell. Oh what I wouldn't give for one of those oh and rice crispy treats too. Yum! It's something new everyday that I'm craving what will it be tomorrow? Oh and I'm excited about Thrift Store shopping everyday. I'm going to go crazy when I get home. And only 3 weeks until Bali. We finally have a place to stay. It's called the Chillhouse. Some other teachers stayed there when they went to Bali over October break and they loved it. We get a day of surfing and they'll take us to one of the Volcanos too.
Time moves so swiftly. Sometimes to swiftly and sometimes not fast enough.

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