Monday, March 16, 2009

And we learned, we will survive

So the internet has been rather crummy around GES since last thursday but it is finally fully up and running again. We'll see how long it will last. At least this was a good time for it to go out since we really should be working on report cards instead of spending our lives looking at pictures and checking statuses on Facebook. And by the way, one of my least favorite things about teaching is grading but my most least favorite is doing report cards. It's the least wonderful time of the year. I gave my last final today so now I'm in full on report card mode.

Ok, picture time.

Friday was crazy hair day and boy was it crazy. Had I known what I did to my hair would be so hard to undo I would have never done it, but it was rather cool. I had the closest thing to a beehive I will probably every have. It involved a ton of teasing, lots of hair product and a soda can. And this is how it turned out

this picture was actually taken at the end of the day after I had taken out the can and the rubber band so it was a little shorter, but standing up all by itseft. It was really strange feeling. Then I went to take a shower right after and it took my entire giant bottle of conditioner and I still couldn't get all the knots out. I'm not going to tease my hair that much again.

Some of my kids had some pretty cute hair too. Daonua wore this awesome pink marge simpson/marie Antoinette wig.

On friday I finished reading "The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe" to my kids. The loved it and really understood it. I was so proud of them. I thought it only fitting that a character of the book should come visit right? So on friday as we sat watching the movie of the next book, "Prince Caspain," we heard some bells jingling by our backdoor. Now that could only mean 1 of 2 people, Santa Claus or the White Witch! When my kids saw her they started running around and scraming. I couldn't stop laughing. She talked a little bit and offered the kids some "Turkish Delight" and then went an her merry but evil way :)

On staurday it was a little cloudy out and cooler so I decided to go back to Chatuchak MArket to get some shopping done since when it's hot out and the market you just want to kill yourself. When I came home a bunch of us girls just lounged around the living room and watched some episodes of Friends and then we started Mulon Rouge. Since it was a cool day we had the door open to our back "porch" which goes out onto the soi (road). Along came the part of the movie where Ewan McGreggor and Nicole Kidman are on top of the elephant singing their hearts out. At about this time we hear the dogs on the soi start barking so we thought oh my gosh, the dogs are even barking to the music bunt then I looked out the window and there was a HUGE elephant! No joke. So elephants wander the streets here all the time. Not wild elephants, we're not in the jungle or anything, they have mahoots, but our little back dead ended soi doesn't get much elephant traffic so we just had to go out and take pictures. Then our Craig and Michelle came over from next door and Karis fed the elephant some sugar cane. I jsut couldn't help but think, you know you're in Thailand when...

Last night I had a pretty awesome opportunity too. The Evangelical Church of Bangkok was hosting Ravi Zacharia and he was going to be speaking 2 times. I have a book of his that I just bought from my roommate Meridith and I'd heard a little bit about him so I was super excited. Not only was he a great speaker but he was so funny too. I'll have to download some of his podcasts and I'll definitely have to read that book. It's called "The Lotus and the Cross" and it's a conversation between Jesus and Buddha and a girl named Priya. It should be interesting.

Alas, I now have less than 2 weeks of school left. Reportcards are due wednesday so everything after that is pretty much free. I'll be showing a lot of movies :)

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