Monday, March 30, 2009

T minus 8 days and counting

It's amazing to me how life can seem to go by an hour a minute and honestly where does the time go? Many times I intend to sit down and write or blog and time just escapes me because something exciting comes up. Yes I know I've been a bad blogger. I'll try to do better in the time to come.
School being over is quite bittersweet. It was so hard to loose my kids on friday. I didn't cry like I thought I would but I didn't really have the space or energy to do so. At the end of the day Matt brought his class down and we had a grade 2 party together capped off by a water fight (it was like a million degrees outside). This turned out to be not such a good ideas because I got absolutely no help from my kids cleaning my classroom at the end of the day. We did however spend 45 minutes after school got out playing freeze tag in my classroom. It was so amazing. I didn't want to let it go.

These last to days we were given to get everything wrapped up. Lesson plans entered, teacher resources organized and classrooms cleaned. There's a huge checklist that feels like it will never end.

This morning I had a huge right of passage as a traveler. I got more pages added to my passport! I had 2 full pages and a few interspersed squares left. With my upcoming traveling that wasn't going to be enough (Thailand stamps up your book like mad). So I had to get some more pages and let me say I'll be set for awhile. The insert has like 22 extra pages, and they're the cool new passport pages with pictures of things like buffalo and totem poles on them instead of state seals. All this was accomplished at a very early morning trip to the American Embassy which wasn't as impressive as I thought it would be but then again I only saw a tiny part of that. Following my jaunt to the American Embassy I took a taxi a short distance to the other side of the world aka the Thai Immigration Bureau. With a work permit/visa you have to get a reentry permit everytime you leave the country. There used to be a table at the airport where you could get them but after the nice little airport seige in Decemeber they decided they needed to save money do the permits at the airport got cut and you now have to go out of your way to immigration everytime you want to leave. Lucky me I get to go again next monday too to get another permit for my trip to America.

I saw the movie "Knowing" on saturday. Let me just say that the airplane scene was one of the most terrifying EVER and the end was slightly disappointing but now I want to look up and read the story about Ezekial and the wheel again. Since we saw the movie I've had a song that was on one of the bible songs CD's I played for my kids about Ezekial and the wheel. It's kind of annoying actually.

Oh and I glitterated my hair. All year I saw the little kids at our school with strands of colorful tinsel just in their hair and I always thought it was kind of cute so me and Heidi went to the Salon by school and got glitter tinsel put into our hair for 200 baht. I got Rainbow ones. They're so much fun. I think I'll get them when school starts back up again. I don't know how long they'll stay in because Farang (foreigner) hair isn't like Thai hair, but we'll see. I already had 2 casualties today.

Other random thoughts that don't really fit anywhere.
-We had a huge thunderstorm here today. It was amazing and LOUD.
- We had a BBQ at the house of one of the couples from church yesterday. Hamburgers and chocolate chip cookies and brownies and swimming for hours. It was amazing. I'm so blessed.
- Mat and Tricia have a Wii here. I just discovered the most amazing game, MArio Party and I've now played it 3 times since friday. It's quite unfortunate that tonight was the last chance :( If only we'd discovered it earlier.
- Tommorow will be the last time all of us will be together. People start heading back to America on Wedensday and that makes me sad.
- I leave for Bali in like 30 HOURS!!!!!!!!!! I'm so excited!