Monday, May 4, 2009

Number 199!

I started this blog after I returned from Semester at Sea because I loved blogging so much and I wanted to leave my SAS blog as it was. Now 2 years and several blog headers later I am on my 199th post. I don't pretend to have been the best blogger. Many times there can be a week or two between posts but I've never forgotten about it and thank you to anyone that reads my ramblings.

Speaking of not being such a good blogger, especially lately I must admit that since I've been back in the US I haven’t spent a lot of time online and it's a welcome break. In Thailand I feel like I spend almost to much time online. It begins to consume you. So needless to say this will be a slightly photo heavy post because well, I like to take pictures :)

Two Weekends ago we went over to my Aunts house to celebrate our typical combo birthday's. This time it was my Grandma, my other Aunt and my Cousins little girl Kyla who was turning 3. So really the party was all about here. There were Dora balloons, streamers, gift bags, and Dora cake. I bet you can’t guess which cartoon she likes :) But really it was fun. It was good to have all the little kids together. My cousin Andrea lives in Idaho so I hadn't seen them since last Easter. At that time Kyla had only a little hair and Jacob was only about a month old, now he's walking! Oh they we're so cute and so much fun because really they can be entertained by anything (they really loved the bubble machine) and then in turn we get entertained just watching them.

On Friday we had a beautiful sunny day. I nice break from the clouds. So my dad took the day off and said I could choose wherever I wanted to go. Well some information didn't get across somehow and we ended up doing a kind of variation of what I wanted to do, which was go to Mt. Rainier. Now to get to Mt. Rainier there are 3 ways you can go basically. There is Paradise which is open all year long (so long as you have proper snow items for your tires), there's Sunrise, which is closed during the winter and then there's the Carbon River Entrance which is also closed during the winter and I honestly didn't even know existed until this last week. So my dad decides to go the Carbon river route because that entrance is really close to our new house. I was like "Dad are you sure it's going to be open? Will I be able to see snow?" "Oh yes of course" he says. So we drive up this long pothole filled dirt road bordered on each side by acres of clear cutting (which broke my heart, it steals from the beauty). My dad assures me that we're just around the corner from awesome views of Mt Rainier. So we turn one last corner and this is what we see

That's right, snow, right in our way. Now I was really excited to see the snow but so disappointed not to see Mt. Rainier and I must admit I got a little cranky about it at the time but my Dad tried and that's all I could ask for and hey I did get to play in the snow and I did get a pic of us all in front of Mt Rainier (and that clear cutting I was talking about), it was just a little farther away than I had wanted.

When we got back from the Mountain I set to work building my new dresser. I've been keeping my clothes on a bookshelf since I got back to the US and I'm a little more organized than that and it was driving me nuts so finally I got to go to IKEA and pick out my dresser (a Christmas gift). The good thing about IKEA is they have cool stuff and they're not to expensive. The bad thing is you have to put everything together yourself and I must say this dresser was a monster. I honestly got really far on my own but then everything went wrong and I started having a breakdown so I called in the reserves (meaning Mom and Dad) and they helped me put all the pieces together.

I did the drawers later on, they were easy but monotonous. Oh and you can't tell from the picture but the dresser is HUGE, it's a monster that takes up like half of my bedroom, Yikes! But I'm happy to have it :)

Here's a picture of it with the body finished. You can imagine it with the drawer’s right? I'll take a pic of it later.

Then Saturday was my beautiful Best friend Jen's Bridal Shower at Church. Since, because of GES I won’t be there for her wedding or her Bachelorette party I really wanted to be there for her for this.
She had this amazing wedding Barbie cake. It was so cool to look at.

It's raining outside now, and cold. Good Ole Washington. It's hard to believe that a month from tomorrow I'll be on my way back to Thailand. It all goes so fast!

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