Saturday, May 16, 2009

I do have a life, I swear

And here it is post number 200. I thought of writing just a quick post earlier to assure all of my eager fans ( :) ) that a post will be soon to come then I thought, this is number 200! Why waste it?
Once again I have suffered another dry spot in my blogging. Is it because I don't have the exotic lure or beauty or adventures of Asia to inspire me and speak about. Um.... yes I would definitely say that's the case. After spending so much time surrounded by friends and exotic opportunities and I find it hard to come home to a world that is well to put it lightly... boring to me. Because of that I have watched way to much TV for my own good. How exciting was it that Victor and Tammy won The Amazing Race! And I was a little disappointed that Allison didn't win Americas Next Top Model. Then there was the Greys Anatomy finale. I mean honestly I've watched the show maybe 15 times but to leave off there! Even I was pulling my hair out! Oh and then Coach is finally gone from Survivor. Hallelujah, he irritated me. See what I mean about watching to much TV? And don't even get me started on TLC or Bravo's Millionaire Matchmaker or the endless options I have ON DEMAND. I tell you it's a sickness and there's only 3 more weeks until I'm cured.
Aside from my life around the TV there's not much going on. I've taken care of all the appointments I need to. Elaina begs me to take her to the park everyday. Sometimes I give in but sometimes I make her mother do it. She should.
Oh I found an awesome card game at Walmart yesterday. It's called RAGE and like the title suggests you can get pretty enraged playing it but it SOOO much fun. One of my teacher friends in Thailand had it (we though it only came from Germany?) and we loved playing it so when I saw it on the shelves in Walmart while I was perusing for playing cards I just had to buy it and I suggest any of you do the same. It's totally worth it, trust me. So much fun! I also happened to buy Catchphrase: The music Edition. Just going through it last night it looks like it will be so much fun and I can't wait to bust it out at GES to see what we could do. And to think if it hadn't been on clearance for $5 (a steal I tell you!) I wouldn't have even bought it!

Ok so I must say Elaina is to cute. Recently she has become obsessed with my camera (point and shoot only, no DSLR of the baby) and wants to always use it. She comes in my room and demands Cheese :) Cheese :) (That's what she calls cameras). I've been on the lookout for a kiddy one to get here. I'd say it's a good hobby to take up :)

Then here are some pics from the Engagement shoot I did for my best friend Jen and her Fiance Marcus last Saturday. They're getting married in a month (which I sadly wont be here for) but they wanted to wait for me to come home so I could take the pictures. Here's a peak at some of my favorites. Shhh... they haven't even seen them yet :)

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Tricia F said...

great pics, girl! those games sound fun too!