Tuesday, May 26, 2009


For as long as I can remember my family has gone camping at Westport, a town along the Washington Coast. Sometimes on Memorial Day or Labor Day or sometimes in the middle of the summer. For this Memorial Day my family made one more trek out to Westport. The trip was a little bittersweet since it's the last time we were going camping in our trailer. The weather was nice, there was no rain, but because of the wind it was also pretty cold. Many layers were required. Elaina had fun playing with my turtle kite and then me and dad went surfing at the Jetty, or moreover he boogie boarded and I tried to surf. I think dad exaggerated my surfing capabilities a little bit to the rental guy because for the first time in my surfing career I didn't have a soft top and the board was much shorter than anything I had used before. My biggest challenge however I believe occurred because of the boots I had to wear (water on the Washington Coast is obviously cold so a full body wet suit is required to go surfing). Everytime I would try to stand up I would catch the toe of my "boot" and fall over. Needless to say I think I'll leave surfing to warmer waters where there's no wetsuit required :)

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Tricia F said...

yeah, full out layers and surfing don't seem to go together... glad you had fun though!