Monday, June 29, 2009

Class, Wai Kru and immigration too

Finally I'm getting some pictures up. I don't have pics of the campus yet. I keep forgetting to take them, but here are some of my classroom and from Wai Kru day.

My couch Corner

The bookshelf

My under the sea bulliton board

Rules and Consequences

this shows the back corner of my class where my desk is. I now have fish the kids colored all over the back window. It's a little darker right now because they're building new classrooms along that back wall.

My class picture taken on Wai Kru day (as is now tradition)

Wha Wha, Lina and Keat

Vinze, Pun and me with some Wai Kru flowers

One of the flowers I got for Wai Kru. So beautiful. And it's actually in a pot so it wont die immediatly :) Does anyone know what this type of flower is called?

This arrangement contanins 2 dozen roses

The whole spread of flowers. Wai Kru is definitely one of my favorite days of the year.

So I hate these blogs where I feel like I I am doing is catching up but with the current state of our internet that might be how it is for awhile. Last thursday was Wai Kru which was a little interesting since it was the first full week of school. Wai Kru is a day where we have an assembly and one by one the teacher of each grade (along with Ajarn Sarang and the Thai Teacher) sit up on stage and 6 students from each grade are chosen. They each have a large flower arrangement which the present to their teachers then they bow at the teachers feet. This is later repeated by all the other students with small flowers. It's all a little strange, but in Thailand it show how much they really value their teachers. Here a teacher is viewed like a Doctor or Lawyer in America is. It's pretty cool, and I got some awesome flowers :)
Today I got to make another trip to immigration (if you want to read about my aweful last trip skip back to my april posts). Our work Visa runs out tomorrow so they took a big group of us teachers to get new visas. First of all a cool revelation is that since we don't technically live in Bangkok we have a special much less crowded room all to ourselves instead of having to wait in the huge herding ground downstairs. But then the trouble began. Apparently we now need a certain tax sheet to be able to renew our visas. GES people didn't know that and therefore we didn't have it. So Kru Boo made a call and the office started looking for the sheet. They called back to say the only tax sheet they could find was mine. So I was able to get my new visa quickly and also my multiple reentry permit in about 5 minutes compared to the 6 hour hell I lived through in April. It was wonderful. So I am now the only "lucky one" with m work permit renewed and everyone I went to immigration with today has to go back again tomorrow. I'm so so glad I don't have to :)

We have a 5 day weekend coming up. I'm so excited!!!! And guess where we're headed???????? Laos!!!! I should have many many pictures :)

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Ann said...

So precious! Teachers are so under-appreciated in the US :(