Saturday, July 25, 2009

Neung, Song, Sahm

It's amazing how quickly a 2 day school week can go :) No honestly though I am super excited to actually get a full week of school this coming week. I'll actually be able to get some stuff done. Although, having the two work days this last week was truely a blessing. I feel so much more prepared for my classes coming up. If only it would stay that way. My suggestion one work day every week. Ya like that would really happen.

Anyway, still no internet in my house. This is just getting ridiculous. They've made GES look so nice now, but as soon as the school started looking good the internet went out.

So here's so pics from my birthday, the day Harry Potter came out (so AMAZING!) and our overnight camp this last weekend.

For my birthday we went to the house in Nichada Shaela is housesitting and we cooked dinner and chocolate chip cookies, danced a lot and then went swimming. It was tons of fun and perfect for a school night :)

This was on the staffroom door and greated me on my birthday morning

Then we had fun at night "partying"

JOsh prepared the Potatoes with Sarah. My favorite!

Then we feasted and danced to great songs such as "Thriller" (in tribute to MJ :) ) and "That Thing You Do"

Then Here's the pics from the night HP came out. Notice Ben is the Golden Snitch, Josh is just some weird Gryffindor and I did the best I could to be Bellatrix Lestrange. We were working on limited supplies as I mentioned before.
Brenna and Esther were there as well, sans constumes although we did all get our makeup done which was fun :)

and finally here are a couple pics from overnight camp last weekend. I was either working or wet most of the time so I didn't get many but the kids were so adorable!

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Tricia F said...

yay for the pictures! it seems like a great idea that overnight camp was so much earlier.
Happy Birthday!