Sunday, July 19, 2009

A swine flu "vacation"

Internet at GES is spastic right now as always. Still no connection in my house and I hate walking to the staffroom everytime I want to connect.

GES now has 3 confirmed cases of the swine flu so we get mon, tues,and wed off. Well... really only monday. Tuesday we have to disinfect the whole school using dishwashing soap (per orders of the ministry of health) and then wed is a work day. We had overnight camp on Friday/ Saturday so I'm wondering if any other cases might pop up?????

I went and watched "Harry Potter" twice this week. I went the night it came out with some friends and we dressed up to the best of our abilities (it's a little hard to find costume items in Thailand). Josh went as a Gryffindor dressed kinda weirdly (I'll put up pics when I get them and you'll see), I was Bellatrix Lestrange (I thought of trying for Hermione but I would have looked like any average Thai university student so it wasn't going to be actually dressing up) and then Ben was the Golden Snitch which was AWESOME. He got so many great looks :) Then I went again last night with some others and we opted not to dress up. I liked the movie a lot but we all decided it was a good thing it had been awhile since we'd read the book because then it would have probably been a little different.

My birthday on wedensday was awesome. I have some really great friends and co workers here. I'll post more on that later though since I have pictures to share and I'm not surrently using my computer.

I hope everyone is having a good weekend! I'm looking forward to being able to sleep in tomorrow :)

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Tricia F said...

oh my gosh! is it students or staff that have it?