Friday, August 14, 2009

The Amazing Kanchanaburi Adventure

Kanchanburi, so many fond memories there. I've now been twice and had a blast both times. I love that it's only a 2 and a half hour bus ride from Bangkok too so it's perfect for weekend trips.
A group of us left on friday night for this weekend adventure. There was six of us total and again Tyler the only guy. The bus ride went very quickly and when we arrived we jumped in a Songtao to take us to "The Jolly Frog," a new guesthouse that we were going to try. It was at this point that Tyler realized he had left his wallet on the bus. a mad songtao bus chase ensued and for some reason our driver knew exactly where the bus was going to be. Hmmm...... Anyway, wallet found.
On Saturday morning we ate an early breakfast then rented motorbikes to head to Erawan Waterfall. I was so excited to jump into the fresh pools of cold water! It rained a bit on our way up. Traveling on a motorbikes at 80km each drop felt like a needle sticking into your skin so those stretches went by a little slower.
The waterfall was a little more crowded this year than last year. Maybe because we're still in the summer tourist season? The lower pools were just all so crowded so we decided to hike up to the top tier first. It was a long and thanks to the heat and humidity, sweaty hike. The last stretch was climbing up the waterfall it'sself. It was such a refreshing feeling with the water running over my skin.
My favorite pool at Erawan by far is the 4th tier where there are a couple slippery rocks that you slide down. Once you start you just can't stop. It was also the only pool where the nibbeling fish would leave us alone.
The ride home was rather wet again and pretty cold but a least we made it home before dark unlike last year. After we cleaned up we went and ate dinner at a place on the river and I saw fireflies for the first time! They were so beautiful! Then we came back to the Jolly Frog, ate desert and played a rousing round of RAGE, the best card game ever.
Our time in Kanchanburi was pretty chill, pretty fun and I hope we go back again soon.

But don't let my blog do all the talking, this time a made a video. I think I'll make more.... :)

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