Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The woes of traveling and transportation

If you've traveled at all no doubt you've had some sort of transportation issues. Maybe the airline looses your reservation, or the train is full or your luggage gets lost. In my many travels I've dealt with this quite frequently and learned that things don't always work out as you expect. There are only a few instances however where this can get truly frustrating.

Now. I've flown with Air Asia before. Both to Phuket and to Bali. No problems, both times I bought my plane ticket no sweat. So why should I start having problems now? It all started two saturdays ago. A group of us decided to explore Vietnam and Cambodia during our two week October break. Air Asia was having a promotion so we decided to go ahead and book our tickets now. So, I sit down at the computer, choose my flight and fill out countless pages of information. Finally a screen pops up asking me if I'm sure this is correct and that it's time to pay. I press OK and wait for my confirmation screen to pop up. Waiting, waiting, waiting, Yes!, oh wait... no, what is this?..... "Error, I'm sorry but your credit card has been declined..." Hmmm. Maybe I typed in something wrong. I go through a fill it out again. Fingers crossed...... "Error.." What's going on? I pull out my backup credit card and decide to give it a try. Surely it will work. Hope, Pray, Fingers Crossed, Eyes Closed and then quickly open then..... "error..." Oye! I assume, since Bridget is able to buy her ticket that it must be something with my bank. I did forget to inform them that I was returning to Thailand so maybe they're blocking my purchases. So I called up Bank of America. When I asked they said no requests had been made on my account, meaning they didn't even know there was any purchases they could deny! So I inform them that I am indeed in Thailand and will be until April and then I decide to go and try again. Ten more attempts, Error, Error, Error, Error. I just don't understand. So I decide to wait until monday. Maybe it will be working better then. Again, Error. Will I ever be able to buy my tickets? Now, Shaela was having the same issue so we decide to give up on trying to book it online and call them instead. Shaela gets through the first time and gets the ball rolling, then she gets disconnected. Disheartened she passes the phone to me and I give it a shot. After listening to the same song on hold being repeated OVER and OVER and OVER again I finally get through and we are able to start booking our tickets. Her: "You will fly from Bangkok to Ho Chi Minh?" me: "yes" her: "on Sat. 17 October?" me: "yes" her: "one way?" me: "yes" After double checking everything we finally got to the payment part. Two credit cards, Shaelas and mine. We were almost free, then... "I'm sorry but your card has been declined." WHAT????????????? Not again!!! "And the Second card?" "Declined also." Oh this is to much. I just spent half an hour on the phone to have my card declined????? "Is there any other way we can pay for it?" "You can go to our Air Asia store in --------- across from Central Ladprao" (I missed the first part). Ok, well that's only like 20 minutes away. I don't want to do that but we do what we have to do right? So today we headed to Ladprao. I looked it up earlier and saw that it was in the first floor of the Tesco Lotus store. After spending a good 20 minutes trying to locate Tesco we finally found it and payed for our tickets, in CASH. I sure hope Air Asia resolves it's issues with Bank of America or whatever soon because this put's to much stress in my life. At least now we have our tickets and will definitely be heading to Ho Chi Minh, one way in October! And I'm finally going to get to go to Cambodia to see Angkor. I can't wait!

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