Friday, October 16, 2009

Halloween! A tad bit early

Ok, so since we have October Break over Halloween we decided to have a Halloween party in class today. I let my kids wear costumes and almost all of them dressed up. It was so cute! Here's some pictures.

My class. The large birdlike creature in the middle is me if you can't tell.

Then here's a couple of my super heros. They crack me up!

Kindergarten also had a party today with a Princess and Pirates theme. This little girl dressed up as a pirate was too precious!

I leave for Vietnam tomorrow! I'm so excited! I bought a new 4GB memory card for my point and shoot at MBK tomnight. I was so excited then I found out it's an SD HC card which doesn't work in my "Old Camera". So disappointing. I'm going to swap with a friend for the trip then I'll have to figure out what I'm going to do when I get back I guess. Total bummer.

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atn3 said...

Heh, love the Superman and pirate costumes! They're adorable. Have fun in Vietnam. Oh I deleted my FB account but it's still good being updated through the reader and see that you're doing fine in Thailand. Take care!