Sunday, October 25, 2009

We're not quite where we expected to be...

I'm sitting at an Internet Cafe in Phenom Penh Cambodia right now and it is POURING outside. The funny thing is we weren't even supposed to be here. We got on a bus in Ho Chi Minh City early this morning. It was supposed to stop in Phenom Penh and then we would get a new bus to Siem Reap. Well we were on that bus (the WORST bus ever) for about 30 minutes when Sheala realizes she left her ipod at the guesthouse. WE told the guy on the bus that she forgot her passport to see if they would turn around. Of course not BUT we could get off and catch the next bus. So we did. WE traveled all the way back only for the woman who ran the place the tell her NO! even before Shaela got all the words out. Sounds fishy no? Then to top it off Shaela left her wallet on the first bus.
We're in Phenom Penh now because we couldn't get any other buses to Siem Reap so we'll be leaving bright and early at 6:30 am on another bus. That's ok though. It meant that we only had to spend 6 hours on a bus today instead of 11. Tomorrow we're going to visit a friend and then the next two days will be at Angkor. I'm so excited!
Many pictures and stories from both Cambodia and Vietnam to come when I get back to Thailand, so keep an eye out :)

Oh and I forgot to mention, Shaela did get her wallet back thanks to some phone calls made by an awesome bus attendant. He saved the day.

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