Sunday, November 29, 2009

Is it December Yet?

The Countdown is on. 3 weeks until freedom, 3 weeks until I head back to America to spend Christmas with my family, and 3 weeks until I never have to think about this Christmas program again and I don't have to hang up any more "recycled" Christmas decorations. 3 weeks can not come fast enough!
Speaking of 3 weeks, 3 weeks ago CCC, the church I go to here had our church retreat in Cha Am, a town near the beach and about 3 hours away. We stayed at a place called the Springfield Village Resort and Spa which was set back into the hills and on a gold course. Well, we knew this place was going to be nice we just didn't know HOW NICE it was going to be. It was definitely the nicest places I've stayed in Thailand and maybe one of the nicest places I've stayed anywhere. To start of our room was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Apparently the resort decided to be nice and give us some of the cottages as well for the same price. Now, the cottages were quite a bit of money (20,000 Baht a night = approx $650). Now when Sally was making the room assignments she just thought that rooms that started with one were in building one so that's where we got assigned. When we arrived at the resort late on friday night we had to go straight to a session so it was pretty late and VERY dark when we went to find our room. Building 2, building 3, building 4. Where the heck is building one? We were totally lost. After asking several workers we finally found one that knew what he was doing and he led us to our cottage.
When we walked in we saw that we had a HUGE room with 3 beds (an extra roll away one was added), a couch and a TV, and plenty of closet space. Our porch was as big as my bedroom back home and it had a padded swing, a table and the crowning glory, a jacuzzi tub with a waterfall that went into it. Oh it was nice. The first night I filled up the tub and went out and sat in it and just relaxed.

Then the bathroom, oh the bathroom was out of this world. Clean modern lines and a round toilet. Then the shower was almost a separate room. First you stepped down into it. Then there were shelves inside to put things on, a bench to sit on with a small rock garden behind it and the floor was made of rounded pebbles. We had the choice of using a normal shower head or we could turn on the BIG RAIN. The last night I just stood under the big rain for what felt like forever. It was wonderful.

We had around 8 hours of freetime the second day. Although we could have taken a bus to the beach we decided to just sit by the pool because like everything else it was AMAZING. WE went down the waterslide several times, trying out different ways. Our favorite by far was going down on your knees because it made you spin in crazy directions. We sat for while in the cave and then we just talked. IT was so relaxing. Then that afternoon I went and played soccer with a bunch of others. I played goal keeper most of the time because I didn't have shoes but eventually I needed to switch out because the others were getting tired. So I went to kick the ball and I ripped part of my toenail off. It hurt so badly, so I stopped.
Oh it was ridiculously hard to leave on Sunday.

Over the last few weeks I've been working ridiculously hard on the upcoming Christmas program. The biggest part is the dance I have to choreograph for my kids. We're doing it to "All I want for Christmas is You" by Mariah Carey. They love it and they're pretty good dancers, but it's almost a lesson in Math because I'm having to teach them to count beats and listen for certain words as cues. It's more difficult than it needs to be but I have a feeling it will be awesome in the end.

I've also taken some time in the last few to rediscover art. I found my watercolor set and painted some pictures of my roommates and I that now hang on our staircase. I've also made my families Christmas card which is pretty sweet if I do say so myself but I can't reveal it just yet.

Oh and movies! I've seen quite a few. Lets see, I'll start with "This is It," You know the Michael Jackson Movie. I actually liked it. I wish I could have seen him live! Then there was "New Moon" I liked that as well of course but I liked the first one better. New Moon was also my least favorite of the Twilight books so it makes sense why I would like it less. After that I saw "2012." I liked it and thought it was interesting. I'll just say I thought the ships were going to be a different type of ship and I like the way they did it better. Then on Thursday (Thanksgiving for all you Americans) I went and saw "A Christmas Carol" in 3D! Oh it was crazy, and terrifying and SO great. I thought I would hate the 3D sense every 3D movie I've seen before gave me a headache but this wasn't bad. I totally recommend seeing it, just don't take small kids, it's NOT for them.

And I guess that's the update for now. Nest weekend is the Kings birthday so we get a three day and are heading to KOh Samet with our fingers crossed that we'll get a room. Everything's either already booked or won't make reservations, so we're hoping :)

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