Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So much to be Thankful for

Thanksgiving. I have so many things in my life to be thankful for. A loving family, good friends, and the amazing opportunity to live and teach in Thailand. I have no complaints and I know I am extremely blessed. This last week I was able to spend a good amount of time with aforementioned friends in said country celebrating an American holiday thousands of miles from our home turf. While my actual Thanksgiving day dinner was my typical amazing Chicken Chile Paste from Sombots followed by a viewing of "The Christmas Carol" in 3D and a night of internet stalking hopeing to possibly snag some good shopping deals I was blessed to be able to have two Thanksgiving dinners.

Love Chicken Chile Paste :)

My first Thanksgiving was with the small group I belong to at my church. We met together the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Everyone brought their families (I'm the only single one in the group) and we spent the day eating, talking, playing with the kids and later playing a few rounds of Boce Ball ourselves.

My second Thanksgiving meal was put on for all GES teachers by a couple families from the church. There were so many of us there but more than enough food. I think everyone went home full of Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing and Mac and Cheese. Rarely do we GES teachers eat so well. Afterwards we talked quite a bit, played a few rounds of Mario Kart on the Wii, and then played a modified version of catchphrase late into the night.

Now with good memories of great food and friends I am more Thankful than ever and SOOOOO excited to go home for Christmas. T-minus 16 days and counting :)

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