Monday, November 9, 2009

Patience is a Virtue

So you probably thought you'd have to go without hearing about the rest of the trip. Sorry to leave you hanging but life here is SO busy always even when you're not really doing ANYTHING. It also doesn't help that I bought seasons 1-11 of Americas Next Top Model in Vietnam and I've been watching it (on my computer) quite a bit so that frees up time to do hand on things, but not computer things.
Over the past week I've been busy practicing "We Three Kings" with my children in preparation for the indoor Christmas Program and I've had to start making up a dance to "All I want for Christmas is You" for the outdoor program (the kids choice. I gave them a few songs but somehow I knew they'd go for this one). Then on friday night I saw the movie "Surrogates." It was just OK. On saturday I did some shopping at The Mall Ngamwangwong (mouthful huh?) and went to the Orphanage where I got to play with an adorable baby, and yesterday, well, yesterday was rough :). After church I laid by the pool for hours then I did some more mall shopping while I waited for Shawna who had a doctors appointment at the hospital nextdoor. I bought 4 legit DVD's for about $2.00 each, fantastic deal, and I did check the back for region ALL. I have no desire to get stuck with any region 3 DVD's. The night was capped off by going to see "This Is It." Now I've never claimed to be a Michael Jackson fan but there was some part of me that wanted to see the movie because as the title suggests this is it, the end, the last hurrah. If I had been in America I would have just brushed it off but being in Thailand where it's so cheap to go to the movies I decided to give it a try. Wow. The movie is made entirely of footage taken during practices for his then upcoming tour. The tour would have been absolutely AMAZING! It's a shame was never preformed. Not that I would have been able to see it anyway, but now knowing what I know about it IF I could go back in time and IF Michael were still alive I would totally try to get a ticket. That's how awesome it looked. Now I know it's coming out of theater VERY soon but if you have a chance to go see it, Do. It was great, and you might even come away with some hilarious quotes because honestly sometimes the things he would say were quite silly.

Ok, so I'm going to attempt to get up a Ho Chi Minh City or Cambodia post tonight between tutoring and the gym. I'll try :)

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