Thursday, January 28, 2010

Going Pro

As a photographer, to be considered Pro is a real honor. To reach that point usually many hours of blood, sweat and tears are poured into their craft. Now, I wonder how the pros feel about Flickr, where, for an annual payment of $24.95 you too can become a pro. They don't discriminate either. From an out of focus picture of a cat in a tutu taken by a 4 year old to the most amazing photo of the New York City skyline you've ever seen the title of pro is offered to anyone willing to pay.
I've been a member of flickr for about 2 years. I would upload photos here and there but I never even considered going pro. Why pay money when I could do it for free? Now I know why. A couple weeks ago I reached 200 photos and was capped out. Now flickr doesn't stop you from uploading new photos and the old ones arn't deleted, they just simply dissapear until you decide to go pro and therefor have unlimited upload capabilities.
Now any of you that know me know I take a bazillion pictures (literally). Right now in my iphoto library I have 15,000 pictures and those are the just the ones I decided to keep. So you can understand how hard it was to limit myself to 200 pictures. I took two weeks and debated. On my Thai salary $25 is pretty steep but then again I can almost make that much tutoring in one day. Then I've put up hundreds of photos on Facebook but only certain people can see those. If I went pro on flicker I could share with everyone and anyone, and maybe I could inspire other travelers and even more make connections.....hmmmm. I continued to debate. Finally, today I just said what the hey and on a whim went for it. Screw 200 photos I'm heading for 2,000+, lol. It will take me awhile to get there though on our fantastic internet connection (said in a highly sarcastic tone).
So do you like pictures? Go ahead and check mine out. I'll probably be uploading until my hair turns gray, but I have quite a few on there right now. Here's the link and I also have a panel on the right side of my blog that will take you to my photos. Enjoy!

My Flickr Photos

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