Thursday, April 22, 2010

And the Saga Continues

I should have known it was to good to be true.  My computer revived itself long enough for me to sort some pictures and copy episodes of House onto my IPOD, then Tuesday morning I was back at square one.  I let it sit for a day hoping it would revive itself again, but when it still wasn't working yesterday morning I decided to make an appointment with the Apple store.
   I knew deep down what the problem was, and as I walked up to the counter to have a "Genius" look my not so little laptop I prepared myself for the worst, total loss.  He plugged in some box to the side, tapped on some buttons, then nonchalantly declared "it's the logicboard."  My heart sank.  I thought it would be the logicboard (motherboard) but some part of me held onto the hope that is wasn't.  He tapped some serial numbers into his computer and then told me "the bad news is we can fix it in the store for $1100, OR we could send it away to the Apple service center where they'll fix it for a flat rate of $310 + tax."  Wait, really???  So I don't have to buy a whole new computer?!?!  I nearly jumped out of my seat I was so excited.  My Macbook Pro is no longer lost forever!
    So I sent it away to the service center and I should get it back, via FedEx in about a week.  I just pray that they don't find anything extra wrong with it (which equals extra fees) and that the hard drive isn't toast.  I backed up what I could to CD but I was going to get an external hard drive this week.

Ah, it feels good not to worry about this anymore :)

Expect posts on all my adventures over the last week to be coming soon, hopefully when I'm no longer PC bound....

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