Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It took me almost 2 months but I finally finished my blog books.  Two years worth of my Thailand blogging adventures have been pasted into physical form and it feels Oh so good to be done!  And guess what?  I had exactly one page leftover in each book.  Is that luck or what?

   So when I was putting them together I knew I wanted to use only pictures from the blog (except for the single pictures of each student, can you imagine how big that blog post would have been if I had put them all in there?), but I also wanted to separate them from the writing and this is how it turned out.  Take a little peek...

Now I'm off to tackle another item on my twenty + ten in 2010 list, finishing my SAS scrapbook.  Yikes!

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Stephanie Joanna said...

Those blog books are amazing! What a great keepsake of such an awesome, life-changing adventure.