Monday, June 7, 2010

Photos from my weekend

After what felt like weeks of rain the sun finally decided to come out and play for awhile on Saturday so Emily and I took Elaina down to a little fair they were having at the Supermall.  Ticket prices were ridiculous so she only got to go on a couple rides, but she still had a lot of fun, and I did too.  One operator let me ride on the tilt-o-whirl with her for free.  I have so many memories riding it when I was little, Elaina hated it.  Oh well, we know for next time.

This past weekend was also quite productive for me (mostly because it's rained everyday for the past week but Saturday).  Since I've been back in the states I've been trying to put together some "blog books" of my time in Thailand.  Now instead of doing it the easy way and making it all on my computer I decided to make them scrapbook style using two books covered in Thai fabric that I had bought (one for each year there).  It would have been a lot easier if the pages were all plain white but each page had a ugly orange design on it that I HAD to cover up.  So, after working off and on on them over the past couple months and hardcore over the last week I am nearly done and it feels SOOOO good.  My next project is tackling the rest of my Semester at Sea scrapbook.  I've made it two pages into Egypt so far which means I jsut need to finish Egypt then do Turkey, Croatia, Spain and Shiplife (I've already finished Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Burma and India).  That's more than halfway done, and when I finish my SAS scrapbook I can cross another thing off of my 20+10 in 2010 list.  Hallelujah!

Hope the sun is shining in your neck of the woods :)


Abby said...

very cool! How do you get your signature at the bottom?

Manda said...

I made my signature using Adobe illustrator (I also have a tablet that I hook up to my computer) and then put it in the post as an image :)