Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I'll Make a List

  My summer hasn't been that boring, and with 4 weeks of traveling and activities coming up I'd say it will stay at quite an exciting pace.  But my goal for the summer was to live life to the fullest and not waste a single moment.  Last night I decided to search online for some ideas to fill my home time, to make those moments a little more exciting, and through my research I decided to form a kind of summer bucket list.  While many of the items I would have put on my list I have already accomplished (have a water balloon fight, take a walk in the rain, etc.), I found more than enough inspiration to fill my summer hours, and this list is simply a short term add on to my 20+10 in 2010 list.  So here it goes, 30 things I want to do this summer:

1. Go garage saleing
2.  go on a picnic
3.  bake cupcakes
4.  play board/card games with the fam
5.  Go to the drive-in
6.  create the "soundtrack to my life"
7.  Take a bubble bath
8.  Read a good book while lounging in a plastic kiddy pool
9.  go to a museum
10.  make Popsicles
11.  sew something
12.  take Gidget on a walk
13.  build a sand castle
14.  have a water fight
15.  make a message in a bottle and throw it out to sea
16.  take a hike
17.  go to a fair/festival
18.  fly a kite
19.  stargaze
20.  take a nap under a tree
21.  paint my toenails (it's not cheap like Thailand anymore)
22.  develop a good habit
23.  DANCE
24.  Build a House of Cards
25.  go to a concert
26.  visit a National Park
27.  play on a slip and slide
28.  Watch all 3 Lord of the Rings movies, in a row
29.  Read at least 5 books on my bookshelf
30.  Read all the books in the Bible written by Paul

So there you go.  My 30 things to do this summer.  Most are just silly and some I'm really excited for.  Time to get crackin!


Tricia F said...

i like :)

Anonymous said...

this is why we are friends. b/c you are a fellow dreamer :) great blog! can't believe i haven't been reading it all along!