Saturday, August 21, 2010

Forward Motion

Oh my life right now.  I just ended a more than 3 week Marathon of trips and activities and I'm finding it hard to get into the groove of being at home again.  But I'm working on it.  Yesterday I took the first step and cleaned my room, something that desperately needed to happen or small woodland creatures would start looking for homes there.  I also have about 3 blogs in the works right now but something keeps interrupting me (I'll give you a hint, it's about 3 feet tall, has brown hair and love to wear dresses).  I always get this uneasy feeling when I get backed on up on my blog because I desperately want to talk and share stories, they're just not coming out.  Hopefully that funk is over.  I have my next post almost finished now I just need to sort out the pictures. 

Ok, so until then here are some facts about my life right now:
     -I last week camping on the Olympic Peninsula.  It was freezing cold everyday but the last which was gorgeous and I was tempted to brave the freezing water on First Beach to take a swim.  I'm still pulling pine needles out of my possessions.
     - My sister has pneumonia right now, which sucks for her and also sucks for the rest of the family because, since she's contagious she can't watch Elaina and that means many hours of tea parties and Dora the Explorer for me.
     -  I applied for a paraeducator job at a middle school.  Really hoping I get it.  I NEED a job badly.
     -  I just uploaded a ton of pics to FLICKR but I'm still super behind.
     -  I saw Chris August perform at Bonney Lake Days tonight (which was amazing) and then went out to dinner afterwards and he was there so we chatted a bit.  He's a super cool dude.  You should check out his music.
     - I just watched "Into the Wild" for the first time.  Chris McCandles was a pretty awesome guy.  I didn't like that he cut his family out though.
     -  Speaking of movies I went to the Drive-In last night for the first time in YEARS along with my friend Jennifer.  It was so much fun I love the atmosphere.  I did learn though never park by the bathrooms.  It may be convienient but it also means you'll here the crunch, crunch, crunch of gravel ALL NIGHT LONG as showdy figures obstruct your view while the pass buy.  And what movies did we see?  First was "The Other Guys."  It had it's funny moments but I thought it was just ok.  Then there was "Salt," which I thought was pretty good, I was actually able to stay awake for it.
     -  The STA World Traveler Interns are wrapping up their amazing world trip (which I am still jealous over) and they just poster videos and pictures from their time in Thailand.  It made me a little nostalgic.
     -  The plan is to go camping in Port Angelous next weekend and then head up to Victoria, B.C.  Hoping everything works out!

So keep an eye out the next day or so and I should at least have one semi lengthy but fun post to share.  For the next few weeks I'm going to be working on wrapping summer up the right way.

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